”You only live once, but if you work it right once is enough.” – Joe E. Lewis Borealis

Driving to work today I knew that my taste buds needed something very specific to start this day right. The weather forecast sounded promising for the day, but apparently leaving home with oversized sunglasses “in the style of Victoria Beckham” didn’t prove right quite yet.
Referring to the popular psychology books one should not wait for something to start enjoying the little things. Yet today I simply knew that no matter how late I might end up running for work, a stop at a close by cafe for that raspberry latte was a must. A must in order to finally start this day right.
It got me thinking why sometimes we can eat just about anything to satisfy the hunger and then there are those moments when you need something good, specific, exactly the way your brain tells you and never the less looking beautiful on the plate in front of you.
So I did need a beautiful huge cup of raspberry latte… The first sip was heavenly and once again I reminded myself to stop by a grocery store after work to pick up something fresh and treat myself to a tasty meal in the evening paired with a glass of chilled white wine.

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