Ostrich Egg…

“His life was one long extravaganza, like living inside a Faberge egg” 

That would be one long extravaganza if the Faberge was the size of the ostrich egg…
My definition of a perfect sunday morning breakfast – a cup of good coffee, fresh italian bread, eggs cooked any way (scrambled, omlette, sunny side up, etc…) and in case of a lazy Sunday at home – a glass or two of champagne, sparkling wine… Don’t get me wrong – champagne does come after coffee and those breakfasts do tend to turn into late brunches ;).
This Sunday was a bit extraordinary for me – cooking wise, I mean. My Angel got me an Ostrich egg to experiment with. And I must admit – this was my first time dealing with one. First of all, I was happy I had some tools at home – cracking an ostrich egg is no joke – the side of the bowl as with any ordinary egg simply would not do. Thanks to omniscient google, I got some instructions – puncturing the egg at both ends

and then simply sitting it on  jar, letting the egg do it’s own thing! Well the puncturing part included a knife stabbed into the egg and a hammer for getting it through the shell.

I felt like a small kid with a new toy – jumping around my egg and watching it come out. At first it was pure entertainment, but then the yolk started coming out…

And then some more… Eventually when my 1 Litre jar was more or less full up to the brim, it stopped coming out. Watching it with my jaw open already I was thinking how many people would I need to have over for my Sunday breakfast/ brunch to eat the whole thing???…
With a witty grin on my face I turned around at my boyfriend asking how many eggs would he want for breakfast. Eventually we chose to cook half of the whole thing and it was still more than plenty (guess what we are having for breakfast tomorrow morning? :P).
I have read that ostrich eggs are a lighter and fluffier version of any other kind of eggs, so I decided to go with scrambled. The receipe – plain and simple:

1/2 ostrich egg
a pinch of salt
fresh ground pepper
Some grated parmigiano reggiano
Dried chopped chives

And that’s it…

Had it with dark rye bread and fresh tomatoes. So there was my whole expected sensation on the plate – looking pretty much like the chicken egg, but I do tend to believe it was so much lighter and tastier :).
Conclusion – once you overcome the hard egg shell barrier, it is very easy to work with. The result is very satisfactory, especially if you have more than 2 mouths to feed. In this case we mutually agreed that a spicy twist to it would have been nice. Next time I am going to add some chopped marinated jalapenos for a more satisfying taste :).
And before you decide to try and cook one yourself, please have a look at the size of it and how much good came out of it 🙂

Bon appetit! 

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