Spinach & egg “muffins”

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star. A.Brillat – Savarin

Meditation is very good for you! Many people say so… This Sunday my “meditation” was in bed, with a cup of coffee served with a bit of cinnamon and a lot of love.

Asking me where was my mind wondering was needless… It was in the kitchen already. Now THAT is what I call a good meditation – especially if something delicious comes out of it! The night before I usually think of what I’m going to make for breakfast and what I’m going to wear comes next – priorities…

Now since I had recently bought the muffin tray I wanted so much I was so eager to use it in more ways than one – not just for muffins. Whatever came out… Let me tell you – was delicious!

And let’s call it Spinach – Egg muffins… (the”muffin” part is just to praise my tray). Breakfast “party” for 2!


* A few handfuls of fresh spinach, stems removed
* 1 tablespoon of butter
* 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
* 4 tablespoons grated parmesan
* A few slices of chorizo
* 4 eggs
* 1 tomato
* Fresh ground pepper
* Salt

Turn up to oven to 180 degrees. In the meantime…Heat up the pan with the olive oil, then add butter. When the butter melts, add some fresh ground pepper and a pinch of salt. Braise the spinach leaves for a few minutes.

Take the muffin tray and divide the spinach in 4 of the holes. Sprinkle the parmesan and put on a slice of tomato on each of the portions. I don’t eat meat, but I added some chorizo for my boyfriend. And finally – crack the egg on each hole. Do it carefully so the yolk doesn’t get poked. Get it in the oven for 15-20 and watch the “action” closely.
I think I had lost track of time since I was watching my eggs every few minutes – I wanted the egg white to be solid and the yolk still runny. That was the trickiest part – watching it bake I was playing with the oven grill settings, but it did turn out just the way I wanted.
When I got the muffin tray out, for a moment I stood there looking at it with a puzzled look on my face – wondering how the hell am I going to get the “muffin” out so it maintains its shape… Let me tell you – it worked out perfectly since I had the braised in oil and butter spinach on the bottom, so no sticky action there :).
There was the “Mmmmm…” in the air when savoring each bite accompanied with home made ciabatta with black olives (recipe to be followed) and sipping that perfect Sunday coffee with cinnamon!

Bon appetit!

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