THE hollandaise sauce… Uff…

Hollandaise sauce…

I love eggs! In every shape and form. My fridge may be empty (it never is, though), but I always have eggs. And then you can make anything for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
I had lived in US for a while and one of my favorite breakfast choices there was the Eggs Benedict. I could eat it every day and not just for breakfast. I had been eager to one day get myself to make the sauce myself. And for some people it might be as simple as scrambling some eggs, for me it is still a bit of a mystery – tried making it several times and it didn’t work. I am not giving up and I know that I will make it perfectly some day soon :).
For the time being – I want to share the video I came across googling about the technique – in hope it would be as helpful to someone else as well. Please see the video:

How To Make Hollandaise Sauce Recipe (Sauces)

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