Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

This time it is about meat although I am a vegetarian and I DO eat animal crackers. Well… When I have to.

My Dad has some secret spots somewhere in the country where he gets his hands on amazing home grown fresh rabbit meat. Although I am a ‘pescatarian’ (thank God for my colleague who found out there is actually a name for those not eating meat but eating fish), I am happy to cook meat for others.


* Rabbit meat
* 2 carrots
* 1 large fennel bulb
* 1 onion
* A handful of Provence herbs
* Olive oil
* Heavy cream (~150 ml/ 1 cup)

This time the rabbit was marinaded the already tried and proven way – a day before I rubbed it in with a handful of Provence herbs mixed with half a cup of extra virgin olive oil. It sat out for about 16-20 hours.

First, sear the rabbit in the frying pan until a bit golden, on high heat, for about 10-15 minutes.

Chop the carrots, slice the onion and the fennel bulb. I had gotten the fennel with stems, which were chopped and thrown in with the carrots in the Le Creuset casserole (any other casserole would do, but I am truly in love with this one). Add the pieces of rabbit, pour over some stock or boiled water, the heavy cream, put the fennel pieces on top and let it stew for a couple of hours.

In fact, the rabbit is stewing right now ;). Sensing the smell I am rethinking the whole ‘pescatarian’ idea.

Before stewing…

The final view before serving – after stewing…

Bon appétit!

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