Fried calamari rings

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.  ~George Bernard Shaw

My relationship with calamari started fairly recently. I had tried to click with it on a number of occasions earlier, but for whatever the reason this ingredient hasn’t revisited my kitchen for quite a while. Although I do love ordering it off the menu in the restaurants, most of the time as a starter.

Here’s the most simple and very tasty recipe I tried a few weeks ago, requiring very few ingredients:
* Calamari rings
* A handful of all purpose flour
* A few dashes of oregano
* A pinch of salt
* Olive oil

Mix the dry ingredients. Toss the calamari rings in them and fry the rings for a few minutes, until slightly golden. Serve with lemon. This is beyond simple! 🙂 And a perfect opener to seafood dinner!

Would definitely be a hit with home made mayo, but this time – sticking with the healthy version.

Bon appetit!

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