Dark chocolate dipped strawberries…

“Chocolate doesn’t make the world go around. But it certainly makes the trip worthwhile.”
The chocolate dipped strawberries accompany nearly each and every romantic love scene in movies that involves champagne, stars and/or fancy lingerie.
Never done them before, but now I can openly confess – they are the easiest thing to make and totally worth it :). I was preparing the strawberries for my second edition of the flourless chocolate cake.

* Strawberries
* Chocolate
And this is it!

Use the wooden skewers for sticking the strawberries on them.

Melt the chocolate in a small pot. Dip the strawberries in chocolate. I used a tall glass filled with coffee beans to stick the skewers so the strawberries didn’t stick together until the chocolate hardens.
Now land them on the chocolate cake or pair with champagne, stars and/or that lingerie. Either one of the components will definitely make a statement for that special one.

Bon appétit!

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