Omlette with spinach, caramelized onions and curd cheese

“Leadership is being the first egg in the omelette”

Excuse my french… that is… Lithuanian. The curd cheese – meaning “varškės sūris”.
If I had to choose anything out of the whole range of different food products as the one I love most, it would definitely be the egg. There are always eggs in my fridge. I love them in every shape and form. The world class chefs claim it is one of the most delicate things to cook with – it does take practice to make it just the perfect way it should be – runny enough, cooked enough, etc. One other reason why I absolutely love THE egg is that it can be eaten at any time of the day and for any course – eggs serve as a dish on their own, as a sauce, one of the ingredients or are used in so many different versions of desserts!

Looks beautiful, tastes good and is so simple to make!

Serving 4:
* 6 eggs
* a few handfuls of fresh spinach
* 1 onion (I prefer red because of it’s more delicate taste)
* Curd cheese – 150 grams or so
* 2 tablespoons of butter
* Salt’n’pepper

Slice the onion and fry it with the butter until soft and golden. Add the spinach and toss it with the onions for a few minutes until softened a bit.

Beat the eggs, add a pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper. Pour over the spinach and onion, add the diced (or crumbled) curd cheese, cover and let it cook on a medium heat till done.

The cheese starts melting and adds a creamy texture to the omelette.

Bon appetit!

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