Restaurant experience – La Ciboulette, Annecy

One of the best dinners I’ve ever had! Honestly!!! It was the combination of everything – the company I was with, the food itself, the service and a very personal and individual attention.
Prior to going to France, to this absolutely adorable town – Annecy – I’ve done some research on the restaurants and decided from the reviews on different blogs, forums, as well as tripadvisor, that La Ciboulette would be THE place to go to. Oh and it was… Starting with the amuse bouche, all the way to desserts and the sweet compliments from the Chef.

Madame et Monsieur – our ultimate experience at La Ciboulette:

Chef’s compliments – mussels and leeks, cannot recall in what foam though. Whatever the foam was made of, it was veeeeery good:

Langoustines and baby artichokes in lemongrass foam flavored with ginger juice. I could have had 5 of those :)):

Blue Atlantic lobster removed from its shell and grilled with marinated squid, mussels and chorizo. When there’s lobster on the plate, don’t know if it needs more comments :):

Main course:
Grilled white fish on a bed of vegetable crust, served with potato gnocchi with parmesan crust, topped with creme of wild garlic and with a chip of fish skin. Although this dish was as amazing as all the others, it wouldn’t be the one I’d go back to that restaurant for. The fish was cooked perfectly, the gnocchi were very good, but the thing that stood out on this plate was the fish skin chip:

Wild turbot with sauteed asparagus, green olive and pea sauce. That little deep fried apple shaped object on the plate once poked through released liquid sauce:

Hot souffle Grand Marnier, candied peel with spices and milk flower sorbet. Everything was perfect and each of the ingredients on the plate complimented the taste of one another. That scoup of sorbet was sitting on a shilled rock! So awesome :):

A candied pineapple leaf sheet, ravioli tart with fresh coconut and milk flower sorbet:

And un fin – the sweet Chef’s compliments :). The shot glasses contained THE best tiramisu I’ve ever tried:

So all in all, maybe it was a bit too much of food for one night, but the dinner at a Michelin star restaurant is not a very frequent adventure :).
Now I’m hungry…. 🙂

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