Herring (again) with sweet potato and wasabi

There is no “we” in “food”!

Bear with me… I love herring and it is one of the easiest appetizers to make when I’m so eager to take shots with my new camera :). Well maybe not that easy – in Lithuania, the most common way to prepare herring is with pickled onion. More “fancy” versions would include onions and carrots (not among my favorites) or onions and  mushrooms (ok).

I love the salty taste of herring accompanied with sweetness of the sweet potato and balsamic vinegar reduction. I had this idea for a while that wasabi would fit right in for its spiciness (or whatever you call the taste).

The preparation cannot be more simple – pan fry diced sweet potato, dice herring fillet (store bought in sunflower oil). Serve the herring on top of the sweet potato, spread some wasabi on herring, slice some red onion and decorate with fresh dill. On the side – drizzle some balsamic vinegar reduction. It cannot get easier than this, can it?

Bon appetit!

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