Salmon tartare with mango

“Ruling a large kingdom is like cooking a small fish.” (Handle gently and never overdo it). Lao-Tse
Had an absolutely amazing weekend! It started with Italian wine tasting with wines from Piedmont region – presented and led by the best wine expert I personally know – a very dear friend of mine. 
It was a true inspiration to try some new tastes for Saturday night dinner. We found some super nice salmon filet – it’s as if it spoke to me at the fish counter “Sashimi or Tartare, please!”. I could definitely live on fresh raw fish! Tartare kind of won, but we managed to get some sashimi while chopping the filet and preparing for the tartare. The initial idea was to go with salmon + avocado. With the ones we found at the super market, you could definitely hurt someone seriously – they were that raw and hard.

My friend suggested going with mango. Although it sounded a bit unusual, but the sweet and sour mango worked amazingly well. 

* Salmon filet
* Mango
* A pinch of salt
* Balsamic cream with truffles (yes, these do go with everything)
Needless to say, not many instructions on preparation – make sure the fish has no bones, get the skin off and chop it/dice it. The same goes for mangos – same size dice as the fish.
Layer – preferably using a tartare mold. I didn’t have one, so the plating was on the sloppy side. 
Now salt is absolutely optional. But we had one with truffles, so a little pinch was added individually. And, of course, balsamic cream with truffles! ‘Tis the season of those beauties anyways – one must appreciate them in any kind of shape and form.

Et voila! Bon appetit!
P.S. Our dinner party debated about adding something else to the plate. Mango was quite crunchy – with soft and tender salmon on top, there may have been something crunchy to top it. Possibly some sprinkles of fried shallots. With some thoughts circling around the table – the suggestions and ideas will be tried out next time and commented here!

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