Tuna steak with potato-parmigiano cakes

Is this chicken what I have or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says “Chicken of the sea”. Jessica Simpson
The first time I heard this quote, I seriously didn’t think this was real! Oh well, everyone has their own blond moments.
The tuna steak is the simplest part. The only two important things – getting a nice and fresh piece of tuna and making sure it doesn’t overcook. Other than that – nothing else to worry about. Just a bit of salt’n’pepper sprinkled on both sides while it grills on the pan or wood burning grill.
This time I tried experimenting. Not being able to get fresh tuna at any time at the stores, I went for the frozen steaks. With proper defrosting of the fish, the steaks turned out quite good. Of course, not comparing them to fresh ones, but still I liked it. The meat was a touch more dry, so I served the steak with a bit of herb butter on top. 
A side dish served along were potato – parmigiano cakes.
* Potatoes
* Celery root
* Parmigiano
* Salt’n’pepper
Aiming to lighten up this side dish, I substituted some potatoes with celery root – at a proportion 3:1. Celery root gives it a very nice flavor, however due to lighter texture and with less starch than potatoes, it doesn’t hold up the shape as well on its own. 
Peel and dice potatoes and celery root and boil in water with a pinch of salt until cooked. Drain the water and blend into puree texture. Add grated parmigiano. Using a piping bag form small cakes on parchment paper. Bake in the oven until edges are golden brown – for 15-20 minutes, at 180-200 degrees.



Loved it! I can live without potatoes, but not in winter time. Yummy!

Bon appetit!

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