Baby squid braised in Cava with garlic, sun dried tomatoes and smoked paprika

“I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it!”

Seafood in general is the easiest to tamper with! When it comes to fish, one advise may be given – don’t f*** with it (excuse my French)! The simpler you handle it, the more rewarding the result. Now I have found myself that some of the other seafood may be a bit intimidating at first if one hasn’t mastered the idea of handling it. Truth be told – there are a few very simple rules. If you go by them, you can enjoy home cooked seafood dishes!

I must admit – goodies such as octopus, squid or sepia have been intimidating me. I used to think they are super high maintenance foods, but they are not.

On the way from work I stopped by fishmongers’ (a very sound name to call the fish counter at a supermarket) and they had some super fresh baby squid. You can’t get ahold of cleaned squid? Youtube will help to deal with it!

This video will give you an idea and trust me – it is super easy!

Now once you’ve cleaned it, it’s all downhill from here :).

* 8 baby squid
* 8 garlic cloves
* A few pieces of sun dried tomatoes (I used dry, those in oil are also an option)
* Smoked paprika
* Salt’n’pepper
* Olive oil
* Lemon wedges for serving
* Most important ingredient – a cup of Cava (sparkling wine, Brut)

Heat a bit of olive oil in pot. Add chopped or sliced garlic and sun dried tomatoes, a bit of salt’n’pepper and smoked paprika to taste. Give it a few minutes. Add the baby squid for a few more minutes. You’ll see it shrinking – absolutely normal in the heat!

Pour a cup of brut sparkling wine and let it simmer for ~30 minutes or so. Cava (or other type of sparkling wine) makes it super tender.

And you’re done! Serve and enjoy! With that sauce flowing, you may also want to serve it with a bit of white bread – a piece of baguette or ciabatta.

I am truly addicted since the first time I tried octopus cooked this way by a friend of mine. The sparkles sure do make wonders! 

Bon appétit!

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