Rose wine jelly with fresh raspberries

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.” David Auerbach, 2002

The sun is coming out more often, the days are longer and the greenery is more and more visible each day! Love spring! May favorite time of year and probably one of the main reasons besides nature’s rebirth is the fact that summer is approaching and there will be loads of berries, herbs, vegetables! With winter way behind me, I’m so not in the mood of baking pies for desserts or making something creamy. I’d much rather prefer something very light, fragrant and colorful    that would be a perfect end to a light meal. 
Just a few weeks ago we were discussing with my colleague that when the winter is already over and the spring is not quite there yet, vegetables and fruit bought at the stores only look the part, but taste nothing like they are supposed to. The shelves start looking different already. And although berries are brought in from Spain, they are already starting to resemble the real thing!
So in anticipation of approaching summer and its goodies – Rose wine jelly with fresh (or so to speak) berries :).
* A bottle of rose wine (I always choose dry, but ask for somelier for the fruitiest)
* A few handfuls of fresh raspberries and blackberries
* 4 teaspoons of gelatine
* 4-6 tablespoons of blackberry syrup (or raspberry)
Time for preparation – a few hours prior to serving or a night before.
Although wine is for food, not for drinking, I still choose something worthy of drinking. It is consummed, but in another shape and form. For this light dessert I chose (as per suggestion at a specialty wine store) a bottle of Rose D’Anjou:
This dessert would definitely fall under category – easy to make.
Prepare gelatine – soak in half a cup of water and then dissolve over a low/medium heat. Mix with wine and syrup. Prepare glasses you will be serving in. The trick of berries filling the whole glass and not just floating on the top is to lay some berries on the bottom, pour over some of prepared wine+gelatine. And put the glasses in the fridge for jelly to thicken. 
The remaining wine + gelatine may sit at room temparture and will not stiffen that quickly. Give it half an hour or so, take the glasses out of the fridge, add more berries and more liquid. Et voila!

Bon appétit!

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