Waffle pancakes + peach&honey jam

I don’t care what time of day it is! When I wake up, I eat breakfast!

Today I am slow… Took me for ever to get out of bed. I could feel my legs were dancing last night quite a bit. In heels, of course! Can’t say my head didn’t feel unusual either after a wedding party last night. My friends got married – laughed a lot, talked a lot, danced a lot. So when I woke up this “morning” my head was still playing some of last night’s music.

Since the happy newlyweds are leaving for a honeymoon, I received a huge and absolutely amazing bonus – the wedding planner stopped by my home today and brought tons of flowers! Don’t think my place ever hosted that many tulips at once. Oh, and I got the bride’s bouquet! Wonder if she’s implying on anything! Rhetorical question – I think I could guess the answer :).

I literally crawled out of bed! Made some coffee, put some music on and did some reading. Although I didn’t feel like cooking anything today, which doesn’t happen very often, my stomach demanded some food. My fridge is still on a “diet” – so had to think of something from what I found at home. Well, I didn’t feel like going to the store either :).
Found a little jar of my grandma’s homemade peach and honey jam with cinnamon  So I made fluffy waffle pancakes with coconut milk, a dash of vanilla and served with the jam. Pancakes were gone by the time those few photos were done downloading. 
I love substituting regular milk with other options. Coconut milk adds to the scent of pancakes. And since I served them with the jam, which was sweet enough, no sugar was added to the batter. So, anyways – ingredients:
* 1 egg
* Half a can of light coconut milk
* 5-6 tablespoons of all purpose flour
* 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
* A pinch of vanilla seeds
* Jam of your choice for serving
Beat egg, add coconut milk. Beat in flour, baking powder and vanilla. Heat the waffle pan and cook until golden brown. Make some coffee/tea, squeeze some juice and enjoy! Those pancakes are soft, fluffy and smell heavenly with a subtle hint of coconut and vanilla.
And I was back to my lazy Sunday “morning”…

Bon appétit! 

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