Curry crepes with mushrooms and veggies

“Love is like breakfast with Mildred. Who’s Mildred? How the heck should I know? I don’t eat breakfast.” Jarod Kintz

Spending a weekend over at friends’ cabin with a huge and well equipped kitchen, it was beyond a pleasure to do all the cooking. Well, not all – my friend prepared the octopus (braised in Cava, with sun dried tomatoes, garlic and herbs – seriously, to die for and on my to do list for Raspberry-Flavor!) and eggplant lasagne with mushroom ragu (as good!).

After a few dozen of fresh oysters, butter poached scallops with potatoes fried in smoked paprika and the notorious octopus for dinner on Friday night, we were discussing options for Saturday breakfast. I know she’s not much of a fan of eggs, so wanted to propose something different and suggested crepes with mushrooms and spinach. I think she only agreed because she likes mushrooms. The following morning (or rather late afternoon), after breakfast she confessed she didn’t like crepes before until now. It sure did sound like a huge compliment to me! (Oh, but I liked them too :)).

* All purpose flour
* Water
* Curry powder
* Salt

* Mushrooms
* Yellow bellpepper
* Spinach
* Salt’n’pepper

Pancake dough was the first thing I learned to prepare in this lifetime. My Mom taught me at quite an early age. I can clearly remember how she would not specify how many tablespoons of flour and how much water one needs for the dough. She used to say – you’ll know when it’s enough and it’s ready.

So I whisk flour with salt and curry powder, then add a bit of water, enough to incorporate all flour. When the dough is still thick, it is much easier to whisk the flour lumps. Then add more water as you go. The dough should be thin enough. Fry the crepes.

In the meantime, pan sear the bell pepper with a bit of olive oil if needed, add mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste. Wrap the filling in crepes with fresh spinach, give it a bit of sizzle in the frying pan and serve. With sauce, cream, butter if desired on the side.

Bon appetit!

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