Perfect steak

“Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak!”

What can I say? Those days are long gone for me, but I understand that love for the steak. I was in that relationship. I still cook meat for family and friends, but rely solely on their opinion and feedback. I have one golden rule related to my cooking – better be open and honest and tell what you really think about the food, otherwise you may end up getting exactly the same thing next time if you praise it for the sake of being polite. There’s no space for “polite” where I’m cooking!  Besides – learning what can be done better is a way to development.
Coming back to steak – there was a reason for this gorgeous piece of meat to end up on the plate – experimenting with slow cooking in low temperature (sous vide).
I did elaborate a bit more about cooking sous vide when I wrote about slow cooked egg, so I will not bore you with too many details. On the other hand – just a bit about my impressions! THE genius method for preparing restaurant quality meals at home. Period. Seriously! And I dare say – if you’re one of those people, who “cannot cook”, you’d be surprised. Of course, you need to take into consideration the time – cooking sous vide requires a lot of it, meaning that products are immersed in water for lengthy periods of time. But the preparation itself is quick – place your protein, vegetables or fruit in the bag, add butter, spices, oil or whatever else that is needed, seal it and leave it in the water bath at a certain temperature for whatever it requires. Another option – sous vide it the night before, leave it in the vacuum in the fridge and finish cooking just before dinner.
So basically you only need to plan when you want your meal done. And you are free to roam around the house until it’s done.
This particular steak required good meat (you can’t expect good steak from poor piece of meat) – quality, aged beef, a bit of butter, salt and pepper for serving. Cooked at 57C degrees, for 60 minutes. Took it out, patted with a paper towel and gave each side a minute on a heated pan.
Meat must rest for a little while when removed from the pan. Give it 5-10 minutes with a bit of butter – the juices will distribute evenly throughout the steak and then you can dig in!
This time – no side dishes. Just this perfect, juicy, mouthwatering steak!
Bon appétit!

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