Potato pancakes with runny eggs and truffle oil

“Sundays are meant for two things. One is pancakes. The other one is R rated”. ~Me

Oh how much I love Sundays! When getting out of bed in the morning is optional. Coffee in bed. Relaxing, feeling lazy and treating yourself to food. Quite often my Sundays end up being all breakfast food all day long – no restrictions, no diets, no promises to stop with this last bite, when you really don’t want to. Sundays are so many good things. They just tend to end very quickly, but oh well – so do so many other good things.

This morning I think I already knew what I’m having for breakfast before opening my eyes! But then again – I have some studying to do, so this Sunday has some procrastination on the list as well… In such cases, of course, coffee, food and everything else “more important” comes first.

My waffle pan is usually taken out on Sundays like today. I’ve cooked almost everything in it except for actual waffles. This morning my taste buds craved for something savory. So – quite quick and simple – potato pancakes with runny eggs and a drizzle of truffle oil. Truffle oil probably sounds pretty fancy and in fact it is. And yet it can be substituted with any other kind of oil, which can be easily made at home. One of my favorite substitutes – oil with any kind of dried mushrooms. Out of all the options I’ve tried, my personal favorite is porcini. In general dried mushrooms are very fragrant and are an amazing flavor addition to almost any dish. Crush a handful of dried mushrooms and pour over some good olive oil. The more time they soak, the better the flavor. I’m talking weeks, not hours, so must be prepped way in advance. I always have a few bottles ready in my pantry.
Ingredients (2 pancakes):
* 2 Eggs
* 5 medium grated potatoes
* Tzatziki or other kind of savory spices
* A few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
* Salt’n’pepper
* THE mushroom infused oil – lucky for me, truffle in my case
Heat up the waffle pan. Grate potatoes, mix in tzatziki, salt, pepper or other spices of your choice (I did think of crushed rosemary when eating this) and a few tablespoons of olive oil.
When the pancakes are done, fry eggs in a pan on a few drops of oil so they don’t stick. Make sure to have them at the perfect runny condition.
This is it! Plate – pancake – egg – drizzle oil – sprinkle some fresh ground pepper and serve!
I absolutely love tzatziki in anything that involves potatoes. It has that perfect garlicky and yet not too overpowering flavor. Try it – maybe you’ll like it.

Now other selections to top those potato beauties that came to mind while eating:

* Vegan option – top with avocado, fried mushrooms
* For non egg lovers – would be perfect with goat cheese and smoked salmon
* To those with “traditional” cravings – try with herring and a dab of sour cream
* Sautéed spinach
Bon appétit!

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