Banana & oat pancakes

“If I call you “Darling”, will you make me pancakes?”

Pancakes are the first thing I learned to cook in this life. Maybe she doesn’t even remember, but my Mom taught me. I was so confused when she’d tell me to look at consistency and not count tablespoons. At that early time in my culinary discoveries, I wanted precise measures of everything. But please give some credit – I think I was 4 or 5 at the time.

When I got past the measurement issues, still had to work out the lumps in my dough – and here my Grandma refined my ways to perfect consistency. Her little “secret” she shared was first adding more flour, mixing everything really well. The dough gets very thick and then dilute it with milk. I still remember that advice every time I make pancakes, although modern appliances take care of such inconveniences as lumps.
When I think I’ve already made pancakes in all shapes, forms and recipes, something new pops up! These babies have been my favorite for quite a while. I try to eat less of products from regular flour, so all kinds of substitutes are being tried out. I’ve seen many kinds of flour in specialty stores, but with oats, it comes quite easy, no need to purposefully look for oat flour.
This is one of the easiest breakfast recipes ever! For pancakes, all you need is 3 ingredients (serving 1):
* 1 banana (more ripe = sweeter pancakes, remember the recipe when you have some overripe bananas)
* 1 egg
* 5-6 tablespoons oats
Blend oats in a blender until they resemble flour’ly texture. Add banana bits and egg, blend till it turns into solid mass. Heat some oil and bake the pancakes. Serve with jam of your choice (I’m in my Mom’s home made quince jam period) or maple syrup.
Sundays ARE made for long late breakfasts and pancakes!
Bon appetit!

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