Butter poached cod and cream of carrots with pearl couscous

I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry”… That’s a legitimate excuse. Or when I felt cold, for that matter!

Today I’m feeling cold. It’s been a great morning – early wake up, breakfast together, avoided heavy traffic on the way to work and had a very interesting interview in the morning. All in all – an amazing start of the day. But that temperature and the wind outside – it’s already a bit on the edge, when not comfortable anymore and still too early to wrap yourself in winter puffer jackets and coats.

This time of year I crave warm food. Warm, but not heavy. God forbid eating took my energy away. I used to struggle with this until I found food that is comforting enough and does not add layers on sides and thighs “till spring”.  It were easier if I liked soups more. Yet I like to bite in, to chew, to feel different textures. You could say – not a soup person most of the time.

During an interview this morning (which was about food and edible gifts) a discussion evolved about food being simple – just a few ingredients make it great and not over-complicating where it shouldn’t be, makes it amazing. My go-to option then quite often is fish with some warm garnish.

Welcome butter poached cod and cream of carrots with pearly couscous. Rather quick to make, holds interesting combination of flavors and the texture is pure joy.


  • Cod fillet
  • Carrots
  • Pearl couscous
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Cream/milk (use substitutes if desired)
  • Salt’n’pepper to taste

This is truly all you’ll need. With your choice of salad on the side if desired.

Dice carrots (or slice or whatever). Cook them in a bit of butter in a small pot until cooked through with a few garlic cloves. Add a dash of cream, a bit of salt and blend till no lumps remain. Mix with cooked pearl couscous. Couscous can come in different sizes – I love the big pearls. Unless you have a good judgment in cooking time, go with instructions on the package. In order for the mix to be smooth, make carrot puree a bit lighter consistency. If you find cream too heavy, substitute with a bit of milk. I used soy milk and it worked perfectly fine. Add salt to taste.

In the meantime, melt butter in a pan and cook the fish fillet over moderate heat. Turning the fish will destroy its consistency and texture – cod tends to fall into pieces. Instead, scoop melted butter over the top consistently until cooked through. If the fillet is not too thick, it will be max 12-15 minutes cooking time.

And this is it. Plate and serve.

Bon appetit!

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