Black coffee and Hazelnut Bailey’s jelly

“Man does not live by coffee alone”!
After a long sleep, my last Sunday actually started around noon! I absolutely love those weekends, when there is nowhere you have to be and actually nothing that you must do, if you don’t feel like it. I think I kind of wanted to make some plans for this weekend, but instead ended up with a bag full of groceries and a camera in hand.

So Saturday was half movies and culinary books – was searching for inspiration and catching up on some reading. I never follow a recipe, therefore over some time my selection of culinary books narrowed to those that are not focused on giving you an actual recipe, rather guiding you how to think and make your own choices.
Don’t ask how I ended up with an idea for a dessert when reading about white fish! But then again – one may never know what may strike an inspiration.
Now coming to coffee – I’m not the kind of person who absolutely cannot live without it. Trust me, if it’s just any kind of coffee, I’ll pass. Sometimes I go a few weeks without it – although I must admit it doesn’t happen very often. And then there are days when I cannot stop drinking it – 3 or 4 cups of good strong coffee cups (no mugs!) a day. There may be one thing to blame for it – we have really good coffee at the office.
So chilling this weekend mostly by myself, I was thinking of a nice treat for myself for Sunday morning (whenever it happens) – a Sunday brunch. And as some smart person has said – brunch without booze is just a sad late breakfast!
Since the idea to make a coffee and bailey’s dessert – jelly visited me quite late last night, I finished preparing it around 2.30 am… I guess no wonder my morning was late – just in time for brunch.
Ingredients for 6 desserts:
* 6 cups of black coffee
* 2 or 1,5 teaspoons of brown sugar per cup
* ~ 200 ml of Bailey’s with hazelnuts
* 5-6 tablespoons of gelatin
Jelly is made in 2 batches – first prepare coffee. Dissolve sugar and let it cool. In the meantime pour some water over ~ 4 teaspoons of gelatin. Once it absorbs water, heat a little bit, constantly stirring until dissolved completely. Pour into cups or glasses. When cool enough, put into fridge until it stiffens.
Second batch – follow same steps with Bailey’s. Mix dissolved gelatin with Bailey’s. Carefully pour over coffee jelly and put back in the fridge.
I like to serve my jelly out of cups or glasses, accordingly the glasses are chosen, so it would be easy to get it out. Put the glass in a bath of hot water. Don’t leave it for too long though – see below what happens. Jelly starts getting thin…
Voila! Enjoy eating you coffee!
Let me assure you – with a thin layer of Bailey’s as I was going for, there is very little chance you’ll get anywhere close to feeling tipsy!
Lessons learned – although I take no sugar with my coffee, in the list of ingredients I recommended a bit more than I used. It is a dessert after all.
One more tip – may as well be served with honey roasted hazelnuts or ice cream of your choice.
Bon appétit!

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