Vitamin bomb – berries & honey

This time of year all I can think of is vitamin SEA!

When that’s not available, I’ll take any other vitamin, that may come my way in shapes other than pills.

This winter started off unusually warm. White Christmas was not so white. And although a bit of white powder is nice, on a weekend, for a few hours, when you can and want to be outdoors and enjoy it for a little while – that’s pretty much all the snow I need in a whole year. Frost started showing its signs a few days ago this winter and it seems the cold time of year may be happening anyways.

Prior to frost hitting the streets, windows and car windshields, I hit the farmers’ market for all the treats that can save me and my family from everything beyond sneezing. I swear they had so many things on the counters, I wasn’t always sure what they were and furthermore – what to do with all those goodies.

One of the things I learned to appreciate many years ago – cranberries. Try to have some stock in the freezer at all times possible. A new discovery from my Mom and Dad – Guelder rose berries. Those always show up end of October, throughout November. This year they were available until end of December.

Vitamin bomb – berries & honey

  • 300 g Cranberries
  • 300 g Guelder rose berries
  • 300 g Honey
  1. Squeeze the berry juice separately, mix with honey. All ingredients mixed in equal amounts.
  2. This vitamin bomb is to be taken a tablespoon a day, in the morning. Don’t overindulge in guelder rose berries. Despite having a ton of vitamins, they are also mildly toxic if consumed in larger quantities. 
  3. Guelder rose berries contain up to 32% sugar, lots of micro elements and minerals, a large dose of vitamin C, also vitamins A, E, P and K, organic acids, pectin, tannin and many other goodies.

It’s a bit sour, a bit bitter and sweet from honey. Try adding a spoonful to your porridge in the morning to give it a new and different flavor.

Stay healthy! Bon appetit!

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