About Me

A wife, mom, daughter, friend, colleague and someone who LOVES food and everything delicious. Nice to meet you, Stranger, whoever you are!

I find the question “what is your favorite dish?” lame and boring. If you make me choose one thing, it’s gonna be wine or bubbles! So let’s not go there… My favorite cuisine is called DELICIOUS!

I love food because it’s the simplest and most affordable form of pleasure for (almost) everyone. Don’t pester me with how affordable (or not) it is nor how much time it takes. If one cannot appreciate the taste of fresh bread, a bowl of plain buckwheat, a raw carrot, a glass of pure water and a million other simple things, one will not understand the subtlety of caviar, oysters or zero dosage champagne. The fundamentals must be in place. I am a strong believer it all starts somewhere from the basics.

I find pure joy in cooking. No matter what options there are. If you add enough love and devotion, a masterpiece will be born.

An amateur photographer, a passionate home cook, a true believer in happily ever after and a dreamer. I find pure joy in talking hours about life with my true Love and my Husband while eating or sipping wine. Love running around and playing with our son, travelling, reading books and talking to interesting people. For me common sense and sarcasm are essential in raw conversations. Let’s talk!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again 🙂

Bon appetit!