Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Just beet it! There's one question that I always answer differently - "what is your favorite dish?". The first thought that comes to my mind - "Well, what exactly do you mean?" It depends... On time of the year, month or even day, who I'm with, where I am, what music is playing in my … Continue reading Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Black coffee and Hazelnut Bailey’s jelly

"Man does not live by coffee alone"! After a long sleep, my last Sunday actually started around noon! I absolutely love those weekends, when there is nowhere you have to be and actually nothing that you must do, if you don't feel like it. I think I kind of wanted to make some plans for … Continue reading Black coffee and Hazelnut Bailey’s jelly

Parsley pesto

Never say never! #OMGImquotingJustinBieber... There was a time when parsley never made it to my shopping basket. It has never been the flavor I craved for and when ordering at restaurants, it was kindly asked to step out of my plate if I could locate it in its original shape and form. So needless to … Continue reading Parsley pesto