Black coffee and Hazelnut Bailey’s jelly

"Man does not live by coffee alone"! After a long sleep, my last Sunday actually started around noon! I absolutely love those weekends, when there is nowhere you have to be and actually nothing that you must do, if you don't feel like it. I think I kind of wanted to make some plans for … Continue reading Black coffee and Hazelnut Bailey’s jelly

OMG kind of apple pie

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Don't know if that's applicable to apple pie though! My Mother in Law brought us a huge bag of fallen apples over the weekend. "To be used soon", she said. And since the weather has not been very kind to us with the presence of sunshine, I was … Continue reading OMG kind of apple pie

Cranberry jam with mead

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." James Beard A year and a half ago I was on vacation with my friends in Southern Spain. One of the best gourmet food induced vacations. Food we ate was beyond good and we ate out most of the time. There are so many nice little restaurants … Continue reading Cranberry jam with mead

Banana Flambé

(don't) Try this at home! Let me tell you - the trick with flambe works every time when you have some rare guests over and you work to impress! I've made this super simple dessert for quite a few friends of mine and even the most serious dessert lovers claimed it was amazing. Besides, if … Continue reading Banana Flambé

Coconut milk chocolate panna cotta

"Never underestimate the power of chocolate!" I call it quite a harmless dessert. There is no cream in it, it tastes quite rich and yet light. Besides a good chocolate dessert once in a while never hurt anyone. I served this to quite a few people already and everyone asked for more! I have been playing a … Continue reading Coconut milk chocolate panna cotta

Culinary fiction – “That part was true”, by Deborah McKinlay

It seems that most of my reading is done while travelling. I usually take at least a few books with me. Of course, it does happen that I don't even get them out of my bag or suitcase and sometimes I need to buy a new one on the way. This was the case last … Continue reading Culinary fiction – “That part was true”, by Deborah McKinlay