Parsley pesto

Never say never! #OMGImquotingJustinBieber... There was a time when parsley never made it to my shopping basket. It has never been the flavor I craved for and when ordering at restaurants, it was kindly asked to step out of my plate if I could locate it in its original shape and form. So needless to … Continue reading Parsley pesto

Butter poached cod and cream of carrots with pearl couscous

"I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry"... That's a legitimate excuse. Or when I felt cold, for that matter! Today I'm feeling cold. It's been a great morning - early wake up, breakfast together, avoided heavy traffic on the way to work and had a very interesting interview in the morning. All … Continue reading Butter poached cod and cream of carrots with pearl couscous

Breakfast pizza with runny quail eggs

Pizza for breakfast? Hell, yeah! The regular, ordinary pizza is not really my thing. I know - there may be something wrong with me. Who doesn't like pizza, right? I wouldn't say I don't like it. I'd have it once in a while when someone else decides to take a date or gate together to … Continue reading Breakfast pizza with runny quail eggs

Risotto with shrimp

Risotto is always a good idea! All you need is love, a bit of patience and a few ingredients! People reasonably say that love is one of the most important ingredients! Couldn't agree more. Now when it comes to risotto - you also need to add patience. And then the rest is  covered! Risotto is … Continue reading Risotto with shrimp

Pearl barley with caramelized vegetables

"Pros and cons of making food. Pros - food, cons - making" I consider this time of year the period "in between". The fresh vegetables grown locally are not quite there yet and the root vegetables grown last season are still good enough. Don't you have that feeling when hitting the store you see all … Continue reading Pearl barley with caramelized vegetables

Basic hummus

"Don't be afraid to adapt new ingredients into your own techniques, and traditional ingredients into new recipes"~ Jose Garces I have had difficult relationship with chickpeas. Not that I disliked them. I tried buying them canned or dried and usually they just sat in my pantry waiting to be resurrected in some amazing recipe. Until … Continue reading Basic hummus

Barley soup with dried mushrooms

It's not a diet! It's called eating healthy!'Tis the season! Days are getting shorter and the air crispier. It is the beginning of November and I can't help but notice how commercial Christmas is becoming - lights and decorations are already out in some of the stores. I guess it is human nature to do … Continue reading Barley soup with dried mushrooms