Pan-seared cod with green beans and butter and white wine sauce

"Eating well is a form of self-respect" Today I was reading an article about a girl, who has gone to Africa to work as a volunteer with kids at an orphanage. Needless to say - poor countries, where any kind of food is a luxury. She compared the happiness and joy of those, who had … Continue reading Pan-seared cod with green beans and butter and white wine sauce

On the wild side – bear’s garlic pesto

Bear's garlic is highly valued for its strong scent and delicate taste. It is an early spring tonic boosting with loads of vitamins.

Parsley pesto

Never say never! #OMGImquotingJustinBieber... There was a time when parsley never made it to my shopping basket. It has never been the flavor I craved for and when ordering at restaurants, it was kindly asked to step out of my plate if I could locate it in its original shape and form. So needless to … Continue reading Parsley pesto

Zucchini waffles with lightly smoked salmon

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast". Lewis Carroll I love those days when there's plenty of time for a long, leisurely breakfast and no need nor wish to hurry anywhere. It's a true happy place. Top that with a day off, sunshine on the terrace and a glass of chilled … Continue reading Zucchini waffles with lightly smoked salmon

Pearl barley with caramelized vegetables

"Pros and cons of making food. Pros - food, cons - making" I consider this time of year the period "in between". The fresh vegetables grown locally are not quite there yet and the root vegetables grown last season are still good enough. Don't you have that feeling when hitting the store you see all … Continue reading Pearl barley with caramelized vegetables