Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Just beet it! There's one question that I always answer differently - "what is your favorite dish?". The first thought that comes to my mind - "Well, what exactly do you mean?" It depends... On time of the year, month or even day, who I'm with, where I am, what music is playing in my … Continue reading Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Breakfast pizza with runny quail eggs

Pizza for breakfast? Hell, yeah! The regular, ordinary pizza is not really my thing. I know - there may be something wrong with me. Who doesn't like pizza, right? I wouldn't say I don't like it. I'd have it once in a while when someone else decides to take a date or gate together to … Continue reading Breakfast pizza with runny quail eggs

Beet, goat cheese and roasted pine nut tart

"Every guy thinks that every girl's dream is to find the perfect guy... Pleeeease! Every girl's dream is to eat without getting fat!" I love love love beets! For quite a long time I had different associations with this root - haunted by memories of boiled beets from kindergarten. No kidding! Just remembering those meals give … Continue reading Beet, goat cheese and roasted pine nut tart