Pan-seared cod with green beans and butter and white wine sauce

"Eating well is a form of self-respect" Today I was reading an article about a girl, who has gone to Africa to work as a volunteer with kids at an orphanage. Needless to say - poor countries, where any kind of food is a luxury. She compared the happiness and joy of those, who had … Continue reading Pan-seared cod with green beans and butter and white wine sauce

On the wild side – bear’s garlic pesto

Bear's garlic is highly valued for its strong scent and delicate taste. It is an early spring tonic boosting with loads of vitamins.

Parsley pesto

Never say never! #OMGImquotingJustinBieber... There was a time when parsley never made it to my shopping basket. It has never been the flavor I craved for and when ordering at restaurants, it was kindly asked to step out of my plate if I could locate it in its original shape and form. So needless to … Continue reading Parsley pesto

“Pan con tomate” and a little extra

I love days when my only problem is - what's for breakfast? Oh... And how long is the afternoon run! Lately I felt a bit stuck on eggs (almost as many ways as one could think of) and porridges (oats or buckwheat topped with almost anything one could think of). And although looking at our … Continue reading “Pan con tomate” and a little extra

Chicken breast with black pepper marinade

"Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of culture."~Mark Kurlansky I've developed a serious habit of reading labels at the store. In the beginning grocery shopping took me quite a bit of time. Now that a lot of labels are somewhat familiar, the process is not as … Continue reading Chicken breast with black pepper marinade

Cranberry jam with mead

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." James Beard A year and a half ago I was on vacation with my friends in Southern Spain. One of the best gourmet food induced vacations. Food we ate was beyond good and we ate out most of the time. There are so many nice little restaurants … Continue reading Cranberry jam with mead