Watching a good movie with food and cooking included, always ignites me to cook. Last night we were watching Top Chef Season 15 (and yes, I have watched all of the previous seasons, some even a couple of times) and needless to say – today I’m restless. Went for a long walk in the snowy forest after late breakfast (puffy pancakes with yellow plum jam), came back very happy and quite warn out. Took me a few minutes sitting down and the aspiration to cook something interesting for dinner tonight is back on its feet. The menu is being born in my head and on paper as I’m typing – ’tis the season for smelt, fried in panko flakes and served with home made tartar sauce, for starters thinking of bruschetta with  home made mayo, hard boiled egg and sardines. The list is getting longer by a minute…

Coming back to movies and culinary shows (these will be included some time later), there are so may amazing ones, that definitely can meet everyone’s taste (buds). I am running out of options I’ve not seen yet, so always fishing for something new or some oldies but goodies.

Wanted to share my favourites with you and will be eternally grateful for  any new ideas:

I’m sure I must have missed something. So please please please – if you have some good ones up your sleeves – share :). For the love of food!



Bon appetit!