Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Just beet it! There's one question that I always answer differently - "what is your favorite dish?". The first thought that comes to my mind - "Well, what exactly do you mean?" It depends... On time of the year, month or even day, who I'm with, where I am, what music is playing in my … Continue reading Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Risotto with shrimp

Risotto is always a good idea! All you need is love, a bit of patience and a few ingredients! People reasonably say that love is one of the most important ingredients! Couldn't agree more. Now when it comes to risotto - you also need to add patience. And then the rest is  covered! Risotto is … Continue reading Risotto with shrimp

Hot (or not) glass noodles with seafood cocktail

Seafood! And you got my attention anytime and every time!I'm sure there are plenty more species in the oceans that I have not tried yet. There are definitely those I've not heard of - but show me and I'll try them. I have some on my "to do - to try list", unfortunately they are … Continue reading Hot (or not) glass noodles with seafood cocktail

Zucchini waffles with lightly smoked salmon

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast". Lewis Carroll I love those days when there's plenty of time for a long, leisurely breakfast and no need nor wish to hurry anywhere. It's a true happy place. Top that with a day off, sunshine on the terrace and a glass of chilled … Continue reading Zucchini waffles with lightly smoked salmon