Pan-seared cod with green beans and butter and white wine sauce

"Eating well is a form of self-respect" Today I was reading an article about a girl, who has gone to Africa to work as a volunteer with kids at an orphanage. Needless to say - poor countries, where any kind of food is a luxury. She compared the happiness and joy of those, who had … Continue reading Pan-seared cod with green beans and butter and white wine sauce

Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Just beet it! There's one question that I always answer differently - "what is your favorite dish?". The first thought that comes to my mind - "Well, what exactly do you mean?" It depends... On time of the year, month or even day, who I'm with, where I am, what music is playing in my … Continue reading Beetroot and goat cheese tartalette

Risotto with shrimp

Risotto is always a good idea! All you need is love, a bit of patience and a few ingredients! People reasonably say that love is one of the most important ingredients! Couldn't agree more. Now when it comes to risotto - you also need to add patience. And then the rest is  covered! Risotto is … Continue reading Risotto with shrimp

Hot (or not) glass noodles with seafood cocktail

Seafood! And you got my attention anytime and every time! I'm sure there are plenty more species in the oceans that I have not tried yet. There are definitely those I've not heard of - but show me and I'll try them. I have some on my "to do - to try list", unfortunately they … Continue reading Hot (or not) glass noodles with seafood cocktail

Patatas bravas with chorizo

If you spend a lot of time with a fridge door open looking for answers, the answer may be potatoes! You know, how scientists discover that some food is harmful to you, because *&^^%$^&... And then almost in parallel, some other scientists discover that same food is *%^^% amazing, prevents cancer and other life's misfortunes. … Continue reading Patatas bravas with chorizo

Salmon and orange spinach salad

"Going to McDonald's to get salad is like going to a brothel to get a hug". Tried this salad a few years ago at a friends' place. Remembered it when I had invited a friend over for a light dinner. The additional "touch up" for the salad I ate a few years back was the … Continue reading Salmon and orange spinach salad